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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Emptiness of Christmas...

I'm going to pose a question for the sake of stirring some hearts and maybe making some folks think.
I hope you won't rip into my Theology here because I'm not stating this as a definitive...merely as conjecture.
Jesus was "Very God of Very God". God Himself in the flesh of man. We know that God is a Triune Spirit...3 in 1. So while Jesus, the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit all exist simultaneously in one Being, they also exist separately of each other at times for the purpose of performing the works of God. It's confusing.
When Jesus came to this world as all babies do, He was God Incarnate...God in the Flesh. He was fully God while also being fully Man. He never gave up His deity, but chose to not exercise it during His time on earth except where directed by the will of His Father.
So...while Jesus was physically present here on earth, was He absent from Heaven?
I say yes. And I have thought often about the emptiness of Heaven during those 33 1/2 years.
Did God miss His son? Did He glance to His side and see an empty throne and know where his son was and what He was there to do? Did this knowledge cause Him pain? Did he ever sit on the edge of His Heavenly seat and watch His son at work in the carpenter's shop and wince as Jesus took a splinter in his hand or cut his fingers with the tools or felt the callouses growing on his palms?
Did God ever fall silently into Jesus' room as he slept when he was a boy and run his fingers through his hair as all of us have done with our own child at some point? Did he miss the company of His Son while He was here on earth completing the task of securing my soul?
God had never before been subject to time and He was. Jesus was constricted by the passing of time as we all are. God who existed outside of dimension or measure was now wearing the flesh of finite man. That was a huge price to pay for my soul.
Never lose sight of the fact that God was a Father.  That He loved Jesus as a son. He was a proud parent who adored His child and who had constructed the entire painful plan of Salvation with only His Son in mind to take the lead role. No other son would do.
Christmas is full for most of us. Full of friendships, full of love and hope.
Christmas...for the time Jesus spent on earth separated from His Father...was probably a little empty for them both.
All the more reason to say thank you this Christmas

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